We help medical providers of all kinds.

The Get Doctors Paid ("GDP") Program can be implemented by
any type of medical provider who uses a CPT codes and modifiers to obtain payment from an at-fault party’s insurance company.

Hospitals & Rehab Centers
Medical Doctors
Physician's Assistants
Paramedics and EMTs
Pain Management
Physical Therapist
Diagnostic Centers

Program Advantages

Some of the ways the Get Doctors Paid Program can help you.

  • Medical Lien Alternatives
  • Capture New Clientele
  • Use Lien Buyers Less
  • Reduce Write-offs
  • Underpayment or Out of Network
  • Reduce back-office overhead
  • Non-payment by HMO's PPO's, MCO's
  • Treatment without pre approval
  • Prompter Specialists

What Our Clients Say

Mitchell Kane

Since using the Get Doctors Paid Program, my practice has made tens of thousands of dollars more in revenue, with less work and hassle. The staff and attorney have been very responsive to our ...

Jason Jaeger

I invited Craig Perry to speak to a group of about 45 chiropractors from all over the country a couple of years ago, and the reception by these doctors was very good. Craig certainly knows what ...

Rick Obringer

I found out about Craig Perry and the Get Doctor’s Paid Program from one of his other satisfied clients. I contacted them to see if he could help me get paid on an outstanding bill. With their ...

Dr. Daniel Yen

I signed up for the Doctors Get Paid Program under Craig Perry when I first opened my own practice. It has been instrumental in protecting my bills and ensuring that they are paid. Without Craig ...

Staff Member
The Pain Clinic

You guys are awesome! You are there to answer any questions that we have and help us with payment. The program helps because we do get a lot of patients who get the money from the third party ...

Doug Hermansen

Trying to get paid for years on cases held up by an attorney. After joining the GDP program, I finally got some traction and got paid. I don’t think I would have ever gotten paid if I had not ...

Dr. Gary La Tourette

I’m an orthopedic surgeon who has known Craig Perry and his firm for many years and I just signed up for the Get Doctors Paid Program. I can see the value in this program and I’m looking forward ...

Brett Katz

I was one of the very first clients of the Get Doctors Paid Program. I’ve known attorney Craig Perry and his staff for many years and decided to give it a try. Since joining the program, I’ve ...

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